Up In My Business #2

This is my weekly “state of the business” address, where you get to see all the gory details of my accomplishments (yay!) and learning experiences (Grr!). Not always strictly business-related.


  • My first paying client was happy with my work.
  • I created and sent out my first invoice.
  • I started drafting my services page (technically, you can go look at it if you want but it’s far from done).
  • I have a potential new client.
  • I had a good learning experience about sales (I’d like to link you to the post I wrote, “I sold Myself for $30 at the Mall,” but I’m having technical difficulties. It would be nice of you to just back track through my blog posts to yesterday, 10/29/09, but I totally understand if you don’t want to go to the trouble).
  • I commented on a Copyblogger post and the author responded to me!


  • Technical difficulties with my site, in particular my blog page. For some reason, there’s nowhere to leave comments and I can’t link to individual posts.
  • Still not done with my services and contact pages (not to mention my glossary and shout-outs pages).
  • Still no biz cards or brochures, feeling like I’m leaving money on the table.

That is all. Feel free to share your yays/grrs (biz-related or otherwise) in the comments (assuming I can get this function working, otherwise journaling or post-it-noting works, although I won’t get to see it :()!

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