Up in My Business

This is my weekly “state of the business” address, where you get to see all the gory details of my accomplishments (yay!) and learning experiences (Grr!).


  • I had my first paying client on Tuesday! Who knew editing a paper for APA format could be so rewarding? I felt like a real entrepreneur.
  • I realized I have gone from being self-conscious to being excited when telling people about my biz.
  • I got all of my blog posts up on time.
  • I got my first piece of biz-addressed junk mail, which somehow made me feel more legitimate.


  • My first piece of biz-addressed junk mail freaked me out at first because it was from a law office. I haven’t even done anything yet, how can I be in trouble? OH, right! They just want to sell me their services *grins sheepishly while heading to recycling bin*.
  • Umm, I haven’t gotten any farther in developing my website.
  • My first assignment was stressful not just because of the neurotic stuff it brought up (what if the client thinks my work sucks? can I really be charging someone for doing this? etc.) but because it was a collaboration and I was left with only a couple of hours to do my part before the deadline. Note to self: always insist on a cushion!

Another NTS: keep track daily of yays and grrs for this weekly post.

That is all. Feel free to share your yas/grrs (biz-related or otherwise) in the comments!

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