Welcome to Lady Myers’ Wordsmithing, where your book is shaped and polished until it’s more than ready for its debut in literary society. If you are an author  exploring the independent, self-publishing route for your books, and believe that your final product should look as good (or better!) than a traditionally published tome, you’ve come to the right place.

My offerings include copy editing (basic and deluxe) and proofreading. I enjoy reading a wide variety of books (see me on Goodreads for proof) and will work with most genres. My favorites are fantasy, thriller/suspense, historical fiction, memoir, self-improvement, and inspirational.

I encourage you to get to know me through my blog, Monthly Missives, Towne Crier, and wherever we both hang out on social media (click the icons at right).

Together, we can make the world of books a better place!